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Orly Phillips |
Dearest Mr. Wilkinson,
I first saw "Les MisÚrables as a teenager in London in 1985. I was instantly mesmerized by the show, but your performance still stands in my mind as the best Jean ValJean I have seen. I was thrilled to see you as The Bishop of Digne in the current film version starring Hugh Jackman. Once again, I was hypnotized by the music. Wee done!!
30 December 2012 07:52pm
shelley parness |
Dear Mr. Wilkinson:
I just saw Les Mis the Movie with Hugh Jackman, and I was most amazed by the production, but one of MY BIGGEST THRILLS WAS SEEING YOU as the Bishop...I closed my eyes and I was watching YOU as JEAN VAL JEAN again....thank you for appearing in this film, as it gave the movie a real BONUS FACTOR!
30 December 2012 06:55am
Don Dauer |
Never got to see Colm live in Les Miz, but saw him twice in Toronto in Phantom. Amazing voice. Just saw Les Miz movie and very happy to see Colm as the Bishop of Digne. Another fine performance. Thanks for many years of theatrical treats.
29 December 2012 09:39pm
Shelly Copland |
Just went to the movies to see Les Miserables and loved loved loved it! Cried 4 times. But the thing that shocked me the most - and I did not know - was who played the Bishop! I almost fell out of my seat as I screamed his name out loud! I think I was the only one in the whole theater who recognized Colm Wilkinson as the Bishop!!!!!!!! He had a cameo! He was the original Jean Valjean in the broadway production! He also played the Phantom for many years in Toronto. I got to meet Colm backstage at the Pantages in Toronto in the 80s. I truly am a big fan of his. If God had a singing voice, it would sound just like Colms! I am so excited he was in this movie and I recognized him!
29 December 2012 04:00pm
Sara |
Hi Colm!
I am a hugest fan. I was so excited to see you in the new Les Mis movie. You were amazing as usual. I didn't really think Hugh Jackman's voice was that great and could only think of how much better the movie would have been with you in the role!!! The movie was average at best and no comparison to the Broadway casts but seeing you in it made it worth the ticket cost!
28 December 2012 05:04pm
Mark Smith | |
MR. Wilkinson... what an awesome tribute and recognition for you in the new Les Miserables Movie. Thank you for your musical genius and the voice that will always be in every Jean Val Jean!!
28 December 2012 12:08pm
Sherrie |
I have seen you in Les Mis on stage several times and in the Anniversary recording/video. The best Val Jean EVER!! Imagine my delight when I saw the movie yesterday and there you were, bigger than life. You made my day. You will always be Jean Val Jean!!
28 December 2012 09:48am
Margaret Flood Elahwal |
Hi Colm,
Just want to say that I'm your most ardent and newest fan. I saw Les MIZ movie on Xmas and thought the priest looked familiar . Of course, I also heard the name Colm Wilkinson. However, I never put the face and name together. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and loved Hugh Jackman but I wanted to check u out too. Well, I almost fell off my seat . YOU ARE UNDOUBTEDLY THE ABSOLUTE BEST JEAN VAN JEAN EVER. I wish I could have seen u in Broadway but strangely, I thought that Les MIZ was not going to be to my liking. I was so wrong about that. I know u would have been even better than Hugh Jackman ( and I loved his performance) BUT U WOULD HAVE ROCKED THAT PART! I enjoyed ur part in the movie too as well as all the other leads. I realize a film is a different medium so the leads may have not had the broadway caliber of others, but THEY WERE RIGHT FOR THE PARTS. Even so, I know you would have been awesome! But don't worry, I'm buying ur cd's so I can listen to Bring Him Home. It's a bonus fore that u r Irish born . IRISH PEOPLE RULE.
27 December 2012 02:29pm
Brenda |
Took my father in law for his 80th birthday to your Mississauga Ontario show December 14, 2012. It was the perfect gift, the perfect night. Thank you for sharing your gift with us...saw tears in Grandpas eyes!!!
27 December 2012 01:43pm
Hilary |
Dear Mr. Colm,
Sorry to date you buuuut my parents saw you as the Phantom in 1990 when my mom was pregnant with me! (She claims this is why I am a fan now haha). My Dad introduced me to Les Miserables when I was eleven and I've been addicted ever since (I got to be in a community production of it the following year!). After wanting to attend your concert for years now, we had the pleasure of seeing you together in Missisauga two weeks ago. And you've still got it! Loved the variety you covered. Thanks for a lovely evening. We went to see the Les Mis movie as a family tonight and loved your cameo as the Bishop. Thank you for sharing with us!
26 December 2012 04:42pm
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