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Linden Frank |
Have you seen the movie? What did you think? Thought it was great you got in on the finale. I started clapping at the end. How can you not?
7 January 2013 02:15am
R.J. Downie
Went and saw Les Miserables last night. It was awesome. Hugh Jackman played the lead role very well but he's no Colm Wilkinson! Please tell Colm that Hollywood can never replace him. He will always be the one and only Jean Valjean. He was great in his role as the priest.
6 January 2013 06:21pm
A.Rimland -Downie
We went today! It was lovely!
Anne Hathaway surprised me...
So did the guy playing Marius ( I could not get used to him at first but his performance just kept improving.
Jackman was good but what can I say? He's no Colm Wilkinson.
Bonham- Carter was perfect!
Colm of course had too small of a part.
Great sound... Great visuals.
I loved that he was in the end.
I'd go again in a heartbeat!

6 January 2013 06:14pm
Rose Tatalone |
Dear Mr. Wilkinson, I think you are the best Jean Val Jean ever! I saw you in the Broadway production in New York. Your voice, the emotion that you emanate....there are no words to describe how you touch your audience to the soul....I wish you would do more Broadway productions in New York so that I can go to see them.
6 January 2013 04:18pm
Nancy Hansen |
I just went to the movie Les Miserables. As soon as the Bishop started to sing I told my friend that's Colm Wilkinson the Jean Valjean of my favorite Dream Cast. You have a great voice and you have always done a great job. One can never hear it enough. Thanks for sharing your talent with the world.
6 January 2013 12:29pm
Diane Decker Phillips |
Mr. Wilkinson, a few years ago I was badly injured and was in a coma for 5 weeks. You are 1 of the first things that came to me when I was finally lucid. I feel like I know you and love your talent. Your voice got me through the tough times during my recovery and I thank you. Diane Decker Phillips
6 January 2013 04:58am
Patrick Kendall |
Mr. Wilkinson, I have been a huge fan since Les Mis and going on to Jekyll and Hyde, through today. It was such a thrill to see you on the big screen the other day! It was a great surprise as I had heard nothing about your appearance in the movie! Thank you for enriching my life with your music!
5 January 2013 10:18pm
P. Paw |
Will you please consider doing a blues/jazz album again. Play your "Songs are some of my best friends over and over.Any concerts in Florida coming up?
5 January 2013 09:54am
Tony Banes |
Dear Colm, I am hearing-impaired from Long Beach, California. When I saw the Les Miz 10th Anniversary Concert on youtube and you sang Bring Him Home. Wow....I mean WOW!!! I got a goosebump when you sing out loud. You are the best and original Valjean!!! I am glad you had a part of Bishop in the movie. I didnt recognize until the end of role calls. You are phenomenal!!
5 January 2013 09:12am
风间花夜 |
Dear MR Wikinson
I'm your big fan.I like your songs very much.
4 January 2013 08:27pm
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