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Sue Connelly |
Dear Colm,
Your performance in 10th anniversary Les Mis has forever ruined any other Jean Valjean performance for me! you are awesome, always have been, always will be!Thank you!
19 January 2013 02:32pm
mary wood |
Dear Colm, Just seen Les Mis and loved it but didn't realise you would be there until the first sound of your voice sent tingles up my spine as it did the first time I saw you on stage. It has made my day!!
19 January 2013 01:17pm
Jean Casey |
Dear Colm
I knew it was you in the film as soon as you sang the first note fab.
There will only ever be one Jean Val Jean thanks for such wonderful memories and may you continue to sing for many more years
18 January 2013 07:01am
Anne McCarthy |
Dear Colm,
3 of us went to see Les Mis last night. Could not understand why Bring Him Home was not in the Trailers once Hugh Jackman opened his mouth we know. We turned to one another and said DESPERATE. I know you are a very hard act to follow. Saw you twice in Dublin (ye we left the Peoples Republic) to go to see you in the show and various times in the Cork Opera House. Way back when you were in your Rock days. Again very lucky to see you Christmas 2011 in the Cork City Hall what a night. Must say all the girls in Les Mis were good as was Marius and of course your piece as the Bishop. Why didnt they just put your voice in for that beautiful beautiful song. Years ago saw The Student Prince and they used Mario Lanza's voice and a differnt actor surely they could have done that. Tks for all the good times. When are you coming over this way again? Anne McCarthy
17 January 2013 09:28am
ellen lyner |
Dear Mr. Wilkinson , Over the holidays I saw Les Mis in the movie theatre. Throught out the whole film your voice was the sound I heard. Then when I saw you were in it,I cried because of the fact you had to listen to what was done to the amazing part you had created on stage. Yours is a true work of art, all others pale. Thank you for sharing the gift of your voice, for it still sound clear in my heart. All the big budgets can't equal the singular moment of you on a darken stage pouring out your heart with your beautiful voice.
16 January 2013 12:00pm
Stephanie Thomson |
Colm I want to congratulate you in the role as the vicor in the new les miserables film. Myself, boyfriend and family were thrilled it was you! I have been brought up listening to the les miz original soundtrack and it means so much to me! You are truly amazing xx
14 January 2013 09:21pm
John |
I am just a huge fan. Thanks for all the memories. Hope you do another Ontario Tour.
13 January 2013 04:27pm
scott Allswang |
Thanks for a remarkable career...bringing joy to a worldwide audience
12 January 2013 12:06pm
Gaynor Jones |
Just to hear you sing Bring Him Home absolutely wrecks me, you're a wonderful singer! x
12 January 2013 08:54am
Kimberley Haugh |
Mr. Wilkinson,
I wanted to congratulate you on your role as "Bishop" in the Les Miserable movie. I knew it was you the second I saw your face and it brought back the memory of seeing you as Jean Valjean at the Princess of Wales Theater. I was only 8 years old and I was mouthing every word with you then. This time I saw you in Williamsburg, VA and ultimately was transported back to that little girl looking up at you on stage. Bravo, Mr. Wilkinson! Bravo!
12 January 2013 05:43am
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