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Diane Decker Phillips |
Mr. Wilkinson, a few years ago I was badly injured and was in a coma for 5 weeks. You are 1 of the first things that came to me when I was finally lucid. I feel like I know you and love your talent. Your voice got me through the tough times during my recovery and I thank you. Diane Decker Phillips
6 January 2013 04:58am
Patrick Kendall |
Mr. Wilkinson, I have been a huge fan since Les Mis and going on to Jekyll and Hyde, through today. It was such a thrill to see you on the big screen the other day! It was a great surprise as I had heard nothing about your appearance in the movie! Thank you for enriching my life with your music!
5 January 2013 10:18pm
P. Paw |
Will you please consider doing a blues/jazz album again. Play your "Songs are some of my best friends over and over.Any concerts in Florida coming up?
5 January 2013 09:54am
Tony Banes |
Dear Colm, I am hearing-impaired from Long Beach, California. When I saw the Les Miz 10th Anniversary Concert on youtube and you sang Bring Him Home. Wow....I mean WOW!!! I got a goosebump when you sing out loud. You are the best and original Valjean!!! I am glad you had a part of Bishop in the movie. I didnt recognize until the end of role calls. You are phenomenal!!
5 January 2013 09:12am
风间花夜 |
Dear MR Wikinson
I'm your big fan.I like your songs very much.
4 January 2013 08:27pm
Excellent job in les mis movie ! Greatest jean valjean of all times.
4 January 2013 03:00pm
Pierre Chiasson |
Dear Colm,
Sheila & I saw you many times over the past 40 or so years - from JC Superstar, Phantom, & Les Miserables. We have posted messages to you here before.
For Christmas, Sheila took me to see the movie 'Les Miserables'...I told her that I thought the bar was just too high for a movie to impress me but I was wrong! I wanted to tell you that when you appeared on the screen in the bishop's role I elbowed her in the side and said as loud as I dared "That's Colm Wilkinson!!!!!" I was just so pleased! Last time we seen you was at the Confederation Centre in Charlottetown a few years ago. At the time your back was giving you grief (I hope that worked out well for you) and I thought you might have retired.
Anyway, I guess what I want to say is that the movie was just stunning and we both were so happy to see you there.
This tour looks like we missed it, but there seems to be tickets still on the shelf for Med. Hat Albt - if we can get the tickets we will find a way to get there.
As I told you before...many thanks for all you do & for you've done. God Bless - Pierre
3 January 2013 06:52pm
Terence and Angela Kelley |
Dear Mr Wilkinson,
My husband and I are huge fans. We were so thrilled to see you in the movie of Le Miserables. I immediately burst in to tears! You were wonderful as always and really made the movie for us. You were so kind to my husband and I when we saw you in Phantom in Toronto. Do you remember the young couple,(my husband is African American, and I am white) who about 23 years ago told you we were on the road as touring actors with a children's theatre company? You gave us a backstage tour and told my husband Terence that he would make a good phantom. We will never forget how kind you were to us, and how fantastic you were in Phantom. We have been huge fans since the first recording of the broadway Les Mis, (Alas, we never were fortunate enough to be in the right place to see you in it.) Thank you for your moving performance as the bishop. It truly was a highlight for our holiday to see you in it! Blessings to you always!
Angela & Terence Kelley
2 January 2013 09:00pm
Janet Roscoe |
Attended your concert at the Mississauga Living Arts Centre in Mississauga. Wonderful! Colm is such a performer and interacts with the audience which makes it such an enjoyable time. Colm has such passion when singing that it is such a joy to listen to him. I look forward to Colm's next visit to the Mississauga / Brampton Ontario area.
1 January 2013 02:19pm
Heather |
I was at your concert in Sherwood Park Alberta - hope you come back again soon. LOVE your album "Some of My Best Friends Are Songs" and really enjoy the songs you composed yourself. I hope you'll continue to include your own material on future albums.
1 January 2013 08:13am
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