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Denise McDowell |
So excited that you're coming to Belfast, my teenage daughter is worse than me!! Plus what a gorgeous venue in the Opera House! Roll on July!!
18 March 2013 02:23am
Shelly Linagen |
Happy St Patricks Day. You are truly blessed. Thank you for sharing and inspiring so many with your incredible gift. I enjoyed your role in 2012 Les Mis. So wish you had performances in USA. But since I married an Irishman perhaps my husband and I could see you perform in Ireland one day. You inspire so many. God bless you and your family. Shelly Linagen
17 March 2013 09:32pm
Agatha |
Dear Colm, I am so thrilled to finally have the chance to see you perform in London! I was in tears after the amazing finale of 25th anniversary of LesMis in the o2, also traveled to Dublin for your concert in Grand Canal Theater in 2010, since then I was anxiously waiting for you to come to London! Snapped up last seats in first row! So HAPPY I can't wait, Thank You for not forgetting about your fans here and plz come more often :)
17 March 2013 03:16pm
Patricia |
Dear Colm,

Happy St.Patrick's Day.
17 March 2013 06:35am
John Smith
I quit lacrosse and joined my high school's winter musical production after watching you perform.
10 March 2013 03:48am
Johm J. Grimes | |
Having just watched the 10th Anniv. video at Albert Hall once again I thought I would express my love for this music & your voice.
2 March 2013 12:57pm
Annemarie Maguire |
Thank you for your beautiful music! You are, and always will be, the most invincible Jean Valjean.
1 March 2013 10:06pm
Anneke Rader | |
Twenty years ago the drama department I was in from a little town in Michigan came to see you when you played The Phantom in Toronto. Our drama director, Bob Wollenberg, also got us backstage to meet you after the play. I am in a wheelchair and there was a guard rail to get over to get to the backstage door. So there were three men who were lifting me over it. When all of the sudden, a nice gentleman in a beautiful camel coat came over to help. That man was you. Yes, to this day I still remember that because it showed to me what a wonderful human being you are. Thank you, Mr. Wilkinson for that memory.
1 March 2013 07:16pm
I like your voice and how natural you are in every performance. Keep going and take care!!best to you and your family!!!
24 February 2013 02:04am
Chris keen |
Just seen les mis. Without knowing who was playing the part of the priest, I told my friend what an incredible voice the priest had. Was outstanding among the rest of the cast? Hugh Jackman did his best but did not compare to the real thing! You are fantastic! X
20 February 2013 02:09pm
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