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patrick disalvo |
5 June 2013 12:45pm
Sandy Manning |
Happy Birthday Colm ;)!!! Coming to London June 25th one day too late for your concert, and am very disappointed. Have a wonderful Birthday! Keep on singing your voice is so beautiful!
5 June 2013 11:11am
Denise |
Dearest Colm,

Your beautiful soul shines through in your beautiful voice... Thank you for sharing your talent with the world. I appreciate you and your songs.
30 April 2013 08:41pm
Stacey Borden |
I am SO excited, I have not seen Colm Wilkinson live since my visit to Toronto for the Phantom back in the early 1990's and I see he is coming to Sarnia Ontario which is so close to Detroit! Can't wait for November!! Best voice I have EVER heard!
17 April 2013 08:16pm
Louise Petri | |
Just want to say!
Colm, You have the most amazing voice ever. Thank you :)
Hope you come to DK sometime!
17 April 2013 03:05pm
Fran |
Desde España, gracias Colm por haberme devuelto la energía tantas veces...

Soy un ingeniero civil que trabajó durante 2012 en Afganistán en tareas de cooperación y reconstrucción para el Gobierno español. No sabes cuantas veces me acompañaste, y no sabes cuantas veces me ayudaste a seguir adelante. Gracias por esa fuerza, gracias por ese talento.

I´ll try to translate it.

From Spain, thanks Colm because your voice gives me back the energy so many times…

I’m a civilian engineer who during 2012 worked in Afghanistan around cooperation and reconstruction works for the Spanish Government. It was an terrible environment. It still exists. Savage war and extreme poverty. You can’t imagine how many times you came with me, and you don’t know how many times you helped me for going on. Thanks for your force, thanks for your talent.

11 April 2013 08:46am
Tova Ramos |
When I was six years old, I was obsessed with the musical Les Miserables. My wonderful mother took me out of school to see the original cast staging a production in San Francisco. I had never heard of you beyond the voice of Jean Valjean, but you came out after the show and sang "the wind is called Mariah" for an encore. That was the first time I had ever heard that song, and I have never forgotten it. That was roughly 25 years ago and I still remember exactly what song you sang. It is a pivotal memory of my childhood. Thank you!! I freaked out seeing you in the movie; I recognized your voice at an instant. I'm so glad and happy for you.
4 April 2013 11:14pm
Lorraine |
Hope we'll see you on Broadway again!I wish you were performing closer NYC. You have such an amazing voice. A true gift from God - thanks for sharing it with us.
26 March 2013 10:44pm
Debby |
I remember listening to The Original Broadway recording of Les Miserables when I was a little girl. Colm Wilkinson, although I didn't know his name at that time, had a voice that profoundly affected me. I would listen to every song that he sang over and over again. I was so moved by his voice. It is one of my greatest regrets that I was never able to see Colm perform Jean Valjean in Les Miserables on stage. Through the movie Les Miserables, I am finally able to see who the man with the voice I have loved for the last 25 years is. Thank you Colm, for sharing your voice with the world all these years! It has been a true blessing to listen to you.
24 March 2013 03:39am
Rikke Nielsen |
Dear Colm
You probably won't ever read this, but I somehow feel a need to tell you, how appreciated you are. I watched the 10th year anniversary concert of Les Miserables for the first time when I was 10 years old. Today I'm 22 and I've been in love whit the story and the music for all 12 years. Yesterday the new movie opened in Denmark where I live, and of course I went and saw it. When the movie ended I had tears running down my face, and I explained to my family, that what had really gotten to me, was that you had appeared in it, and got to sing the lines "to love another person, is to see the face of God". I just wanted you to know, that the little girl who watched you 12 years ago, will be your fan for the rest of her life.
22 March 2013 04:27pm
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