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Annemarie Maguire |
Thank you for your beautiful music! You are, and always will be, the most invincible Jean Valjean.
1 March 2013 10:06pm
Anneke Rader | |
Twenty years ago the drama department I was in from a little town in Michigan came to see you when you played The Phantom in Toronto. Our drama director, Bob Wollenberg, also got us backstage to meet you after the play. I am in a wheelchair and there was a guard rail to get over to get to the backstage door. So there were three men who were lifting me over it. When all of the sudden, a nice gentleman in a beautiful camel coat came over to help. That man was you. Yes, to this day I still remember that because it showed to me what a wonderful human being you are. Thank you, Mr. Wilkinson for that memory.
1 March 2013 07:16pm
I like your voice and how natural you are in every performance. Keep going and take care!!best to you and your family!!!
24 February 2013 02:04am
Chris keen |
Just seen les mis. Without knowing who was playing the part of the priest, I told my friend what an incredible voice the priest had. Was outstanding among the rest of the cast? Hugh Jackman did his best but did not compare to the real thing! You are fantastic! X
20 February 2013 02:09pm
Regina Laura Bandeira de Mello |
Hello Colm!
I watched the 10th "Les Miserables" Anniversary, and I became your fan! Your Jean Valjean was wonderful! Congratulations!
I wish you and to your family, a blessed weekend!
Brazilian hugs!
Regina Laura
16 February 2013 01:41pm
Andrea Young |
I see that after your 2013 Irish tour you are performing in Wales.We have travelled from Glasgow to Dublin three times to see you.Please consider fitting in a visit to Glasgow as part of this tour
15 February 2013 06:30am
A NAssar |
I am a fan, your voice has the highest levels and talent and is moving, it touches the heart, can't ask for more than that...
Thanks for your contributions..
With utmost respect!
12 February 2013 00:49am
Samora |
Dear Colm,

Its an honor to get to leave you a note. Your voice is stunning, the notes just float they're so angelic. But its a passionate, commanding voice too. You are also a brilliant actor, not even once a blue moon do people come along with such strong talent in equal measure. I'm a young audience member, fairly new to musical theater and I first began to get to to know your artwork by seeing you in film, I saw you portraying the historical figure Lord Darcy in The Tudors. I was amazed by the presence and expressiveness of the actor. I looked him up... only to find a legacy of wonderful interpretations of some of the greatest songs to grace the stage, Bring Him Home, Gethsemane, Music of the Night. There's nobody like you, so much personality comes across in the footage I've seen of you, you are a gracious and great star and I will continue to follow your career wherever you may perform.
9 February 2013 09:39pm
Margaret Ring |
Looking forward to seeing you in Limerick. Met you years ago at the Monday Night Gigs in the Two Mile Inn in Limerick. Well done Colm on your amazing success..I was at your last concert at University Concert Hall in Limerick and so were all the gang who used to go to see you at the Two was like a I am looking forward to hearing you again..cant wait..!
1 February 2013 00:12am
Mike Tanner |
You are an awesome singer.
30 January 2013 09:27am
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