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Caroline Bickley |
My first intro to you, and what an intro. Had a superb evening in Edinburgh last night - loved it - thank you so much x
21 June 2013 08:19am
David Devenay |
Attended the show at Edinburgh, last night......."spectacular"......thank you. Took us two hours to get home with all the road closures but well worth it...
21 June 2013 04:36am
Chris Keating
When Colm Wilkinson sings a cover, you totally forget you have ever heard the original.

When Colm Wilkinson sings a song synonymous with Colm Wilkinson, you forget that the world exists and you reside in the world he creates for you.

From Show Tunes to Pop, Country to Blues, written For to Written By, he took the mob along on a revolution of endearment and wonder.

I have never heard the song Danny Boy before. I've heard it. But I have never actually heard the sentiment and the beauty of this oft-abused masterpiece until tonight. I wept. I was in the grave and could see my loved one above me.

She's Leaving Home had a note in the chorus that made me tilt my head, scratch it as if I was trying to decipher some strange code and when I could find no meaning for its existence, I wept.

A self-penned song called I Cannot Stay held such a meaning for me and the beautiful woman to the left of me that when she gently stroked my arm at the precise moment in the song that I reached for hers, I wept.

Assisted by a pristine collection of musicians, including an idol of mine from my youth, Jimmy Smyth, this night could not have been more perfect. There was even a 15 minute interval to suck a smoke or two in and to grab a strawberry Cornetto.

One of the best nights of my life.
13 June 2013 08:07pm
Dave O'Donnell |
Many Happy Returns on your Birthday Colm. With best wishes also from my Dad..Pat O'Donnell (Slattery's of Terenure,Dublin)
9 June 2013 01:14pm
Tami Cox |
Happy Birthday Colm, I am looking forward to getting to your performance in Buffalo New York in 2013. Hope you have a great Birthday
5 June 2013 12:52pm
patrick disalvo |
5 June 2013 12:45pm
Sandy Manning |
Happy Birthday Colm ;)!!! Coming to London June 25th one day too late for your concert, and am very disappointed. Have a wonderful Birthday! Keep on singing your voice is so beautiful!
5 June 2013 11:11am
Denise |
Dearest Colm,

Your beautiful soul shines through in your beautiful voice... Thank you for sharing your talent with the world. I appreciate you and your songs.
30 April 2013 08:41pm
Stacey Borden |
I am SO excited, I have not seen Colm Wilkinson live since my visit to Toronto for the Phantom back in the early 1990's and I see he is coming to Sarnia Ontario which is so close to Detroit! Can't wait for November!! Best voice I have EVER heard!
17 April 2013 08:16pm
Louise Petri | |
Just want to say!
Colm, You have the most amazing voice ever. Thank you :)
Hope you come to DK sometime!
17 April 2013 03:05pm
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