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Lola Ross |
What a memorable night for my 82 year old mom and my self. My mom had met you many years ago at her employers place. She worked for chartered accountants in Toronto (North York, Neiman, Resnick and Wise). Her name is Lola and I luckily got front row seats in Burlington to see your performance. During your performance you sang a song "I got my Mojo Working" . You asked for each female age group to continue . When you got to 80 and over my Mom in the front row shouted out "I got my Mojo working" . You proceeded to point at her and smile and speak positively to her. YOU MADE HER NIGHT!!!! We so thoroughly enjoyed your concert. Mom bought your CD and only wished that she could have spoke with you. Thank you for making my Mom's night and mine. You are an amazing entertainer. We have seen you in Les Mis and the Phantom. Incredible performances!!!!
2 December 2013 05:18pm
Shaun Dafoe |
Hello Mr . Wilkinson : I recently saw your performance at the performing arts centre in Burlington,Ontario Canada. I thoroughly enjoyed the performance and I wish you continued success with your career.
1 December 2013 09:00pm
Terry-Lynn Mercer |
I'm am so grateful that I had the opportunity to see the show two nights, and both times blown away. The dedication and passion put into each song, each performance is truly amazing. Such a beautiful talent. Thank you for your entertainment.
28 November 2013 08:32pm
Margaret Brown Dickenson |
Hi Colm
Saw you on Gabo Meaning Of Life and reminded me back in the sixties when you were on his morning show and you talked about embarrassing Deirdre singing the ad.for sqeese the juice in the supermarket.
You are the best and we always went to your shows before my better half sadly passed on nearly 4yrs.
Keep on singing forever.
16 November 2013 01:22pm
Wendy McGee |
Hi Colm,
My family and I are big fans of yours. Many years you came to Community Living Toronto. I hope you come to Toronto to perform.
28 October 2013 09:42pm
Bob Parr OAM |
Dear Colm, you have brought joy to millions. Please come to Adelaide and Australia.
23 October 2013 05:44am
Daiki Ito |
Dear Colm
Enough to indescribably,I love your song!
Please come to Japan.
I want to hear the voice of you!
And I want to learn a lot from you.
Please come to Japan!!
Let me talk once.
Be careful to health!
10 October 2013 10:45am
Dear Colm,

I realise that you probably don't read your emails very much, so I do hope that you see this message. My name is Jessica, I am 19 years old and live in New Zealand.

I am emailing because you are the most inspirational figure in my life, and your music has been a huge part of my musical education. I just want to say thank you for the emotion and love you convey through your songs; there are very few people that can speak directly to the heart of an audience, and you do this every time I hear you sing.

You must hear this from a lot of people, but please do believe me when I say that your voice is the best I have ever heard, and I cannot imagine anyone living up to the precedent you have set in the world of musicals and composition.

It is a bit surreal to even be emailing you, and to be honest, i don't really expect a reply, but it would be the most amazing thing if I were to hear from you.

I was wondering if you would ever consider coming to New Zealand? I know there are so many people who would just love to hear you sing live, and not in the youtube videos we depend on for splices of your amazing gift. I wish most of all to meet you, and I pray that this will someday be a reality.

Les Miserables and Phantom of the Opera are my favorite musicals, Les Mis especially because Valjean is a role created for the stage by you; you are Valjean to me, and no one can measure up to the incredibly emotional and moving performance you give every time.

When I heard that you retired from Les Mis I felt so sad as it is the end of an era but after so many years of captivating performances and loyalty to the show it is fair that you have a well deserved break, though it is nevertheless a huge loss to the stage and I am sad that I will never get to see you live as Valjean.

Perhaps you would consider a compilation performance of your favorite songs here in New Zealand?

I would love to hear your own songs most of all, especially 'I Cannot Stay.'

As I said, I hope you read this and possibly even reply.

Thank you for your commitment and incredible contributions to the theatre. You are an inspiration and the grandfather I always wanted but never got.

I admire you so much, and wish you all the best for the future.

1 October 2013 08:20am
Joe D |
Please bring your Stylings out to The Western U.S. and Canada.
God On High...
27 September 2013 04:25pm
Erin |
I have to say that I have been a HUGE fan of yours since I was a small girl. My mom and I watched a public broadcasting of Les Miserables 10th anniversary edition. I loved it so much that my mom bought the VHS. I was recently able to see Les Miserables live for the first time ever and it just wasn't the same without you to play Valjean. It's not that the other gentlemen haven't been talented it's that you're my first Valjean and in my opinion you're the best. I have also seen the 25th anniversary edition of Phantom and LOVED when all of the Phantoms came out to sing together.

I am BEGGING you to make your way to the midwest and do a show in Kansas City. (I'd also beg to sing with you but I'm sure that's presumptuous- I'm not nearly as good as you are)
5 September 2013 11:08pm
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