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Rebecca |
I loved your show last night in Buffalo 12/10/13. I am trying to figure out either the 2nd, third or 4th song It was slow & you sang it with your guitar I think it had something about living alone???? I loved it and really want to know what it is. Thanks!
11 December 2013 11:56am
Jason Soundman Phantom |
my review:
Colm Wilkinson Delivers! I saw his show at the Theatre in the University of Buffalo last night. PACKED house. He looked and sounded spectacular. Currently touring with a 7 piece band and two female vocalists. Longevity? Mick Jagger could learn from this man. SMOKIN hot vocals, and some kick-ass guitar to boot. His stand-up comedy alone was worth the price of admission! As a singer, performer, and entertainer, very few can touch him, ever have, or ever will.
11 December 2013 11:51am
Nadine Bradley |
Mr. Wilkinson, what an unbelieveable show tonight in Buffalo, ny. I was lucky enough to see your show about fifteen or so years ago in Buffalo and loved it so much that tonight, we took our three children, 22, 18, and 15. They loved it, tears of joy were shared tonight. Your voice is amazing, thank you for a night to remember for years!!!
10 December 2013 09:05pm
Morgan Hastings |
Mr. Wilkinson!

I would absolutely love for you to make it out to the southern United States!!! It would mean so much to me to see you perform!!!
8 December 2013 04:46pm
Lola Ross |
What a memorable night for my 82 year old mom and my self. My mom had met you many years ago at her employers place. She worked for chartered accountants in Toronto (North York, Neiman, Resnick and Wise). Her name is Lola and I luckily got front row seats in Burlington to see your performance. During your performance you sang a song "I got my Mojo Working" . You asked for each female age group to continue . When you got to 80 and over my Mom in the front row shouted out "I got my Mojo working" . You proceeded to point at her and smile and speak positively to her. YOU MADE HER NIGHT!!!! We so thoroughly enjoyed your concert. Mom bought your CD and only wished that she could have spoke with you. Thank you for making my Mom's night and mine. You are an amazing entertainer. We have seen you in Les Mis and the Phantom. Incredible performances!!!!
2 December 2013 05:18pm
Shaun Dafoe |
Hello Mr . Wilkinson : I recently saw your performance at the performing arts centre in Burlington,Ontario Canada. I thoroughly enjoyed the performance and I wish you continued success with your career.
1 December 2013 09:00pm
Terry-Lynn Mercer |
I'm am so grateful that I had the opportunity to see the show two nights, and both times blown away. The dedication and passion put into each song, each performance is truly amazing. Such a beautiful talent. Thank you for your entertainment.
28 November 2013 08:32pm
Margaret Brown Dickenson |
Hi Colm
Saw you on Gabo Meaning Of Life and reminded me back in the sixties when you were on his morning show and you talked about embarrassing Deirdre singing the ad.for sqeese the juice in the supermarket.
You are the best and we always went to your shows before my better half sadly passed on nearly 4yrs.
Keep on singing forever.
16 November 2013 01:22pm
Wendy McGee |
Hi Colm,
My family and I are big fans of yours. Many years you came to Community Living Toronto. I hope you come to Toronto to perform.
28 October 2013 09:42pm
Bob Parr OAM |
Dear Colm, you have brought joy to millions. Please come to Adelaide and Australia.
23 October 2013 05:44am
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