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Ai Kuno
I send the first message.
Finally, you will come to Japan!!
It's wonderful to have the chance to hear you sing in Japan.
I'm so excited!

I am going to go for Osaka performance of April 25.
(A lucky thing was able to take the seat of the middle of the eighth row for this time!)

Have a good trip.
I'm looking forward to see you soon!!!

From Ai Kuno
28 February 2015 10:08pm
Helen Harrop |
Greetings from Australia. I have just recently discovered you Colm. Wow you are absolutely amazing. Your signature tune Bring Him home is so beautiful, it gives me goosebumps. Thank you:)
19 February 2015 02:12am
alison gillis |
Hello,Colm,I will have to admit.i did not not know you until Les miserables,well I know you now,if you should ever get a chance,les miserable in cape breton nova scotia awesome talent,because of this and the movie,and also my new laptop.I now know you,at least through all of your music,which I enjoy so much!!!!
18 February 2015 07:30pm
Laura Buff |
What a blessing it has been to bond with my teen as I share with her your talent that has amazed me for so many years. So many generations touched by your talent!

Thank you!
5 February 2015 04:58pm
Brad McQueen |
Mr. Wilkinson,

I want to thank you for sharing your amazing talent with the world. Every time I watch your performance in Les Miserables I am truly inspired.

What a voice. What a gift from God.

God Bless you sir.

Brad McQueen
Indianapolis, Indiana
1 February 2015 09:47pm
PD |
I have attempted to write something here multiple times but have deleted before submitting, because I could not find the right words. Maybe they don't exist. Maybe we should not talk and just hear Mr. Wilkinson sing (and watching him multiplies the pleasure). We are lucky for his existence. Live long Colm Wilkinson!
P.S. No one else should ever dare to act Jean Valjean, for it would be a true sin for their part and a torture for the rest. (I've seen the 25th Anniversary show, and also a recent one on Broadway.)
29 January 2015 07:14am
Nora Iglesias
From the first time I heard this voice I love it.

A year ago, at last, I got my 10th Anniversary of Les Miserables DVD. (sorry for my english) and I played again and again. Mr. Colm melts my heart each time.

Please tell him, although a little later, Im his fan.

Its very difficult for me to get another CDs or DVDs but I got the 25th Anniversary show of Les Miserables also and see him in the final play made me weep.

Im glad to be able to let him know I love his voice and beg him never stop singing.

Greetings and my blessings for him and his family from Argentina.
17 January 2015 03:21am
Nadine et Patrick Payet | |
Nos meilleurs vux pour vous et votre famille M. Wilkinson en cette anne 2015 . Qu'elle vous apporte Joie , Bonheur et Sant .
4 January 2015 04:25am
Brendan Brophy |
Happy New Year Colm.
Miss you and Deirdre lots here in Dublin.
31 December 2014 04:33am
Keith MacDougall |
Mr. Wilkinson,

I just wanted to thank you for your talent, performance and dedication to Les Miserables over the years. I am a long time fan of the play and how you raised the bar of every performer. I took my finance to see Les Miserables in the late 1990s and we are scheduled to attend a NYC Broadway performance again this February as a late anniversary / Christmas gift. I hope that Val Jeans performance will be half as good as the performance that you brought when we first saw you.

I hope that you, your wife and children are doing well.

A belated Merry Christmas!

Keith MacDougall
Warwick, NY
30 December 2014 10:34pm
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