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Jay Grimes | |
As I sit here on this cold & snowy night in Boston while listening and watching the 10th Anniversary performance at Royal Albert I just want to write for the first time and say thank you & those in the cast for making it a feeling of warmth.
27 February 2019 06:38pm
Felipe Rodrigues de Araķjo | |
Hello Mr. Wilkinson,
I'm a simple brazilian fan who loves your work and I needed to come here. Finally, to say that. I wish I could hug you and say that in person.
All my love to you, sir.
7 January 2019 04:18pm
Lars Andersen |
All the best whishes for Christmas.
Are you planning any tour in 2019 and maybe even in Scandinavia?
24 December 2018 04:09pm
Roger Browne |
Just seen your version of 'Danny Boy' quite beautiful.
22 October 2018 09:59am
Listening to the dream cast les mis right now! Hope you'll have more Christmas shows and performances soon, I've gotta renew my passport but we're saving up to come see you sing!
24 September 2018 07:18pm
Cliodhna Crowley |
While i love and adore you in your musical roles, your rendition of Tennessee Waltz is the best in the world. It was my dads favourite song and everytime i hear you sing it, i get very emotional. Thank you, and love from Cork City
1 September 2018 08:31am
norm Pine |
Besides your wonderful voice, from videos quoting others (as well as you) I've concluded you are an incredibly giving person and you have a delightful sense of humor. All respect to ya.
6 August 2018 00:06am
Miriam DeFronzo
One of my favorite voices in the entire world.
16 July 2018 09:42pm
Karen |
Hello Colm, Iím Chinese and I love your performance in Les Miserables. I came across that video on YouTube and fell in love. Now I have watch many more shows. I hope you do a concert in the United States soon, I will fly to the location. Hope you are well and happy. Best wishes to my favorite singer on Broadway. Wish you healthy and a long happy life.
9 June 2018 04:51am
Ivy Luo |
Happy Birthday to Colm! All the best to him!
5 June 2018 06:15pm
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