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Tom Heidinger |
Colm, miss seeing you live in concert, particularly your wonderful jokes
22 September 2019 05:09am
Nicole Richmond | |
I fell in love with your voice when I was 4 years old. I grew up listening to Les Mis, my mum even went to see it while she was pregnant with me and I danced about her womb! Since I was 4 years old, Iíve dreamed of meeting you, Lea Salonga and Josh Groban. Iíve met Josh twice now, seen Lea in concert, so I desperately need to meet you and then my life will be complete. I cannot listen to your version of Bring Him Homw without crying and Iíd love to meet you one day!
22 August 2019 01:45pm
Sarah Remmel |
Hello, Mr. Wilkinson, I am a huge fan, of yours, since I first saw Les Miserables, on TV. You have, an amazing voice. You are, so very talented. You are so awesome. I loved you in the movie too. All my love, & respect, to you, Colm. Love, Sarah Remmel.
19 August 2019 02:29am
Eric F. | |
Just listened to "Stage Heroes" once again.
Colm Sir, you blow me away with your voice. What a!
Excellent entertainment!
19 June 2019 11:28am
Stephanie Smith |
I have had the experience of seeing various productions of Phantom of the Opera and with different singers playing the role of the Phantom, including Broadway. Colm Wilkinson is by far the best Phantom, evoking such feeling into the role through his tremendous, beautiful voice. I only listen to the original Canadian version of the Phantom Soundtrack on my phone.
19 June 2019 10:17am
Gauri Sankhe |
🎂 Your magnetic personality make me glued anywhere I find you start to finish.May you keep winning every award and stealing every show.I wish you more than happiness. I wish you a Joyous Birthday! I wish you a Peaceful Birthday! I wish you a Love-Filled Birthday! I wish you a Stupendously, Amazing, Birthday! To put it simply, I wish you a birthday that is just as perfect as you are. May Almighty bless you his choicest blessings and happiness.Stay happy forever. Lots of love and wishes. Have a great year
5 June 2019 07:20pm
Ivy Luo
Happy Birthday Colm! Today I listen to your Valjean. #Barricade Day
All the best to you!
4 June 2019 10:36pm
Ivy Luo |
Colm gave such a delightful performance of Let It Be and Born to Sing on the Late Late show on RT… last night! So happy to see him sing both songs again, especially Born to Sing, a new ďdrinking songĒrendition, absolutely wonderful! Congratulations Colm! Canít wait till he performs again later on Christmas Day!
25 May 2019 00:57am
Jonathan Dean |
I met Colm Wilkinson at the back stage entrance in 1998 or so in Toronto, Ontario. Purchased a program and at midnight that actors were exiting. Mr. Wiklinson signed autographs, I stayed my distance and when all was settled, I approached him respectfully, He signed my program and spoke with me for 5 minutes. I mentioned to him that I was from Montreal and he said he was too. I shook his hand and wished him well. I am a HUGE FAN!!
5 May 2019 05:59pm
Kelli Glover |
Thank you for sharing your talent... especially for my 'obsession', "Les Mis". I had no idea you were Irish... my husband is an Irish expat. I too am (confirmed) of partial Irish descent (Co. Cork). I sure hope you consider doing some tours in the states. I think you would find your amazing talent very well received. Thanks and God Bless.
17 April 2019 06:58am
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