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Cynthia OConnor

Thank you Colm for all the wonderful performances over the years....I saw you in Phantom in Toronto 19 times, Les Mis 17 times and saw you at the University of Buffalo 3 times...your voice is so beautiful that it makes me cry and when I have had difficult times which lately have been many, I listen to you and it makes me feel so much are better than a doctor! THANK YOU COLM... YOU ARE THE GREATEST IN MY BOOK and though I have never had the great pleasure to meet you, which will always be a dream for me, I am truly one of your greatest fans! CINDY O'CONNOR, Newfane,N.Y.
13 May 2018 09:43pm
Kelly Zuch Flynn
Any chance that you'll be coming back to Buffalo anytime soon? Just saw the touring Phantom Production in Buffalo yesterday and no Phantom has the same incredible voice as yours!
7 May 2018 04:36am
Michael Carl Tanner |
You are an awesome talent. Could listen to you for hours.
21 March 2018 08:51pm
Kevin Kennedy |
Hi Colm, I am directing Les Miserables right now and I have been watching clips from the 10th anniversary concert nonstop. I keep coming back to you singing "Who Am I?" over and over again. I keep showing it to my students, (I am a high school teacher) and it keeps bringing us to tears. I just wanted to let you know that you are a true inspiration to these kids and to me. I ventured onto Youtube to see some other things and I was blown away by your version of "One" on RTE. If you make it down to Fargo, North Dakota, please stop in town and do a concert. I would love to bring my students to see you perform. Cheers, Kevin
19 March 2018 09:44pm
Carol Hoffman |
Hi Mr. Wilkinson, I just watched your Centenary performance of 'One' this morning. Hadn't seen it for a while, but again am reminded of your incredible talent. Your voice and phrasing/delivery are exceptional. What a soulful performance. Thank you for sharing this talent with the world. If you are able, please plan some concerts this year! :-) Blessings.
17 March 2018 07:25am
Vicki McCulloch |
I saw Colm Wilkinson in a bucket list concert on 12/2/16 and am so glad I did traveling to Kitchener, Canada to see him in one of the last concerts I see he has done. It was so amazing to see this wonderful singer singing from his heart! Love all his music but especially Phantom and Les Mis.
I have all his CDs including Phantom from Canada but nothing is as unforgettable as seeing him live!!
Thank you Colm for this gift! Hope you health and back are doing ok.
11 March 2018 11:54pm
Geraldine de Búrca
Far too many times, people wait until a person has passed away to talk about how wonderful they were.
I know this mostly because I work in palliative care, I see too many regrets and what ifs. Not enough life having been truly lived.

I've taken it upon myself these past years, to tell people how I feel when I can.
If not why not.

I'd just like to pass on to Colm, how amazing his voice is.
I was lucky enough to see him live in Dublin in Les Miserables many years ago.

It was my first ever musical and I hadn't planned on going, I was merely filling a gap for a pal.
I was blown away.
He quite simply, lifted me to a place I'd never been before musically.
A unique experience.

Thank you Mr Wilkinson.
May you have good health and happiness because really, there's very little else any of us needs in life.

Fond regards,
Geraldine de Búrca
2 March 2018 09:18pm
Douglas O
No idea if Colm receives fan mail or even cares! I saw him as The Phantom in the original Toronto production with Rebecca Caine decades ago when I was a kid. I just wanted to say to him a humble Thank You for being a crucial and life changing moment in my childhood. Still my favorite musical and also the best Jean Valjean that will ever be portrayed on stage anywhere. Your talent is a force and your generosity a gift. Thank You.
1 March 2018 09:32pm
Cynthia O'Connor |
Colm...I saw you twenty three times in the Phantom and 17 times in Les Mis all in Toronto...I have also seen you three times at the UB Center of the Arts...people think I am crazy but I am a true fan from the first time I saw you and your voice is so beautiful that I cry every time I hear you sing...THANK YOU!!!
28 February 2018 07:11pm
Jason Gross |
Just saw les mis at proctors in albany, ny. I love you in les mis from London cast.
20 February 2018 09:50pm
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